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Orkin Canada technicians are equipped with award-winning training and exceptional expertise.

Pest Control Down
To A Science™

Orkin Canada's outstanding services are led by a team of pest control experts and entomologists.

Over 100 Years
of Experience

Since 1901, Orkin has been an industry-leader in specialized pest protection and prevention.

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Professional Pest Control For Your Business

Orkin Canada offers commercial odour control, washroom care, as well as integrated pest management for businesses of all sizes.

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Orkin Canada's Triple Guarantee

24-Hour Response Guarantee

When you see a pest, you need service right away. Orkin Canada will respond within 24 hours of your request,and have a pest control professional on-site as quickly as possible.

Treatment Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with a regularly scheduled treatment, we will re-treat the area, or refund your last monthly payment.

Reimbursement Guarantee

If your company is fined by a regulatory agency due solely to a pest infestation, Orkin Canada will reimburse you for any fines paid, up to $50,000.*

*Your account must be current, under contract for more than 60 days, and your business must be compliant with sanitation and structural requests as noted in Orkin Canada's service reports.


Orkin Canada technicians will carry out a comprehensive check of all your commercial properties and facilities, to identify the five pest-activity zones: entry points, water sources, food sources, harborage points, and customer and employee areas.


After the detailed inspection, your Orkin Canada technicians will conduct a facility layout analysis, noting all current and potential problem areas. It is important to identify the number of people who enter and exit the building every day and the routes they take around the facility. 


You, your employees, and your customers should submit pest reports to Orkin Canada, giving the location and time of any sighting. This will help them prevent pest infestation and control or remove any existing pests. Orkin Canada technicians may also interview key employees. 


Based on this inspection, analysis, and identification of pests, as well as other factors including the location, age, and condition of your property, and the local climate, your Orkin Canada technicians will create a customized integrated pest management program for your business.


Your integrated pest management program will be centred around a daily sanitation schedule, focused on reducing specific risk factors, to help prevent a pest infestation at your facilities.


If treatment is required for an existing pest infestation, your Orkin Canada technicians will expertly treat the affected areas, using eco-friendly products wherever possible. Any wildlife pests will be removed safely and humanely. Pesticides will only be used when necessary to achieve acceptable levels of pest control, with the least possible harm to humans, other animals, and the environment. 


Orkin Canada will provide your business with ongoing pest control monitoring and maintenance, to make sure your pest problem has been eliminated, and your integrated pest management program continues to deter them. Orkin Canada will also assess reports of any new pest sightings and provide thorough documentation to you and regulatory agencies, as needed.

The Orkin
Canada Process

Orkin Canada will provide you with the industry's best integrated commercial pest management service, combining all available methods of preventing pests.

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A pest infestation can be a serious problem for your business, causing structural damage to your property, putting your employees at risk, and harming your commercial reputation. As a business owner, you must also make sure your buildings comply with a myriad of regulations. 

At Orkin Canada, our technicians will work with you to create a customized, integrated pest control program based on your specific needs, in compliance with all applicable regulations. Whatever your business and whatever the pest, we offer the most effective solutions available. 

Orkin Canada provides industry-leading pest control services, helping you remove unwanted pests from your business - and stopping them from coming back...for good.

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Gold Medal Protection

For businesses in the food or healthcare sectors, Orkin Canada offers Gold Medal Protection, a program designed to prevent pests before they become a serious problem.

Specialist Technicians

Gold Medal pest control technicians get extra training in the food and healthcare sectors, including industry standards and the requirements of government and third-party auditors. 

Frequent Inspections

In the Gold Medal Protection program, once your integrated pest management program is created, your Orkin Canada technicians will schedule consistent, frequent visits to your facilities.

Customized Pest Control

On each visit, your Orkin Canada technicians will conduct a thorough investigation of your facility, identify any pests present, and provide a customized pest control treatment or service.

SmartScan System

Our SmartScan system captures and archives all pest activity at your facility in an electronic database, ensuring your records are always current and easily accessible.

Gold Medal IPM Partner Awards

Every year, Orkin Canada recognizes those Gold Medal Protection customers who have shown outstanding commitment to integrated pest management partnerships..

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